Our founding president wrote these words that are still true today:

It all started in 1967. A small number of psychiatrists and psychologists joined together to practice in an informal group.  Their bond was friendship, as well as respect for each other’s skills. The relationship was formalized with the creation of Psychiatric Services, S.C.

Over the years, new clincians have been added to meet more diverse and expanding needs. But our criteria for selecting them have never changed – the individual’s character and professional skills command the respect of the entire group.

Today, Psychiatric Services offers a broad array of mental health service to children, adolescents, and adults. Our areas of expertise range from traditional psychotherapy to psychiatry to forensic services.

Our clinicians include psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers. We work as individuals and in collaboration as patient needs dictate.  We also remain committed to offering consultation to medical and community organizations which are not primarily psychiatric.

Psychiatric Services, S.C. has become an organization of highly qualified professionals who work in a coordinated fashion, and offer a complete range of mental health services. That is because we have maintained our original stands for membership in the group. And we will continue to do so in the future.

Edwin O. Sheldon, M.D.
Past President