Couples Counseling

When couples struggle to get along or want more richness in their relationship, our skilled clinicians can help.  We work with committed partners to help improve communication and compassionate connection.   We also provide services for couples dealing with sexual issues, anger control or domestic violence.

Sexual Issues
Though most therapists address sexual issues at some level, not all sexual problems are due to relationship struggles.  Sometimes behavioral therapy or medication is needed to help you feel fulfilled and engaged in all dimensions of your life.  Sexuality can affect your sense of self as well as your sense of well-being.  These therapists can address issues of sexual dysfunction, gender identification, sexual addiction and more.

Anger Control
When problems arise, so does anger.  But no matter how angry we feel, we need to do the right thing – control the urge to be hostile, violent or mean. Treatment helps people get control of their anger to solve problems instead of creating them.

Domestic Violence
Treatment can also help couples and families who have experienced domestic violence to heal the past and move to healthier problem-solving in the future.