Testing and Evaluation

PSSC has a team of psychologists who make psychological testing and evaluation a significant part of their practice. When a client has complicated problems, psychological testing helps clarify how to proceed with treatment. We work closely with your physician, treating psychiatrist, therapist, or your child’s teachers and caregivers to answer your questions in a comprehensive way. The shared expertise among our psychologists allows us to target the testing to meet your needs.

ADHD and Learning Disabilities
People with ADHD or learning disabilities are often labeled ‘underachievers’ because they seem to be bright and capable, but don’t show it at school.  When a diagnosis is not clear, comprehensive testing that includes assessment of executive function (planning and logic), learning, and a continuous performance test (TOVA) can clarify which treatment approach is most likely to be helpful. Dyslexia (a reading disability), math anxiety and other learning issues can be diagnosed using a combination of school-based test information and other specific tests to profile strengths and weaknesses.

Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
Though most individuals with severe autism are diagnosed in early childhood, individuals with mild symptoms or atypical development can benefit from testing to clarify their profile. A comprehensive evaluation that includes standardized measures, such as the ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) will assure that coordination with other providers, such as speech/language therapist, teachers, and other health professionals is targeted to the client’s needs.

Memory and Cognitive Processing
Drug use, aging and stress can all affect our thinking. Tests of memory, learning, and cognitive processing can help you sort out the various contributors to problems in daily living.

Diagnosis and Personality Issues
Individuals who continue to struggle despite working closely with their clinicians can sometimes feel frustrated and hopeless.  Comprehensive psychological testing that includes assessment of personality, problem-solving, and other factors that affect mental health can often provide the information you need to get feeling better sooner.