Personal / Personality

Sometimes we don’t function as well as we would like in our personal lives. Sometimes the struggle is to cope with unfairness in the world.  We might be overwhelmed by strong emotions. Or we might be dominated by ingrained habits of thinking, behavior, and compulsions.

Personality Disorder
Individuals who are diagnosed with a personality disorder often have life-long struggles in their family, their job, or their friendships.  Accurate diagnosis and a well-developed understanding of you as a person will help you and your clinician map a path to a more satisfying life. Read more about how testing might help clarify your diagnosis on our Testing and Evaluation page.

Addiction and Impulse Control
Urges and emotions can drive us to do things that are risky, unhealthy or problematic. Everyone is vulnerable sometimes. But you or your family know when you need to get more control over drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, or other addictions.

Sexual Orientation
We are an open, welcoming community of clinicians who are sensitive to the stereotyping and mistreatment experienced by the LGBT community. Your clinician can work with you on ways to strengthen your sense of self in a world that isn’t reliably good to you. We can help you explore the meaning of gender roles and sexuality in your life so that you can be more of who you are.

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